Simple and Secure Offsite Backups

Hosting for Your Borg and Restic Repositories
From $2/month, 10 GB free forever
Encrypted with Your Own Key
Append-Only Mode – Secured with 2FA
Compression and Deduplication
Alerts on Missed Backups

Manage all your backups in one place

Monitoring Included
Get notified, when backups stop working. No surprises when you actually need a backup.
No Hidden Charges
You only pay for data stored after compression and deduplication. No other charges.
Compression and Deduplication
Efficient transfer and lower space usage. Only upload new and compressed files.
Encrypted and Append-Only
Existing data is secure, even if the client is compromised. Every repository is isolated.
Free and Open Source since 2010
Maintained by 150+ developers. No vendor lock-in. Use any client you like.
API Access for Easy Automation
Use our API to manage your backups. Automatically set up backup space for new machines.

What our users say

I have tried out your service and I must say: I am thoroughly impressed! This is a very good service, very convenient to use, the guided setup is also great.

I've been looking for a hosted borg solution for some time now, really impressed with, Really easy to use.

Secure your data from just $2/month

Unlimited free trial (10 GB and 2 repos) after signing up. Custom plans available. No API- or data charges.


Billed annually, 30 days refund

Great for freelancers and road warriors with a single laptop.

Includes 100 GB
Then $.01/GB/month
10 Repositories
Keep Backups isolated
Multiple Locations
US and EU
Email Support
Help with Setup


Billed annually, 30 days refund

For power users with multiple laptops or larger servers.

Includes 1 TB
Then $.007/GB/month
Unlimited Repos
Keep Backups isolated
Multiple Locations
US and EU
Email Support
Help with Setup


Billed $150/year or $15/month

Perfect for backing up larger servers or a company NAS.

Includes 2 TB
Then $.005/GB/month
Unlimited Repos
Keep Backups isolated
Multiple Locations
US and EU
Email Support
Help with Setup

Prices are in USD and exclusive of VAT. For European customers VAT will be added during checkout. More on pricing.

Why keep your backups on BorgBase?


Manage all your backup repositories in one place via web interface or API. Monitor usage, quotas and security settings. Choose to be alerted about stale backups via Email, Pushover or Webhook call.

We provide copy-paste commands and templates for Borg and Borg-backed clients, like Borgmatic (command line) and Vorta (macOS/Linux desktop).


Your backups are encrypted at all times. We never see the content of your backups. Use append-only mode and two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect existing backups, even if your local machine is compromised.

We also implement the data protection measures outlined by the EU's GDPR and you can choose between the EU and United States as backup location.

Open Source

Borg was open-sourced in 2010 and is supported by a large community of developers. We work with Borg and other related projects to make sure their work is sustainable.

By using BorgBase for your backups, you also help us maintain our own open source offerings, like Vorta, for the benefit of everyone. See our Github for current projects.

Monitoring and Alerts

Get notified via email, Pushover or webhook call, when backups fail.

Designed with Security in Mind

Secure settings with two-factor authentication. Protect existing archives with append-only mode.

Configuration Assistant

Quick setup with pre-filled Borg commands and templates for Borgmatic.

Company info
Peakford has more than a decade of experience in building and hosting boutique web services and backups for clients of all sizes from all over the world. The founder is a solution-driven tech entrepreneur, whose previous projects include stochastic optimization for energy companies and open source invoice processing.
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